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IWCO trip to China, Hong Kong and Makao
We organized a trip for IWCO students to China, Hong Kong and Makao
During the trip, IWCO students took part at:
- International Yongchun Invitation Tournament 2010
- Donald Mak SiFu Seminar ( IWCO President )
- Dinner with Si Kung Chou Dze Chuen ( IWCO Honorary President )
- Visited Cliff Au Yeung Sifu Wing Chun school: "Ving Tsun Martial Arts Institute" ( Wong Shun Leung lineage )
- Visited Tam Woon Biu Sifu school at Foshan, China ( Leung Jan-Chan Wan Shun lineage)
- Travel to the South China
- Travel to Macau

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Some photos from the trip

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