Performances / Festivals
International Martial Arts Day in Rome
International Martial Arts Day will be next week-end in Rome
20.000 square metrs for the practice
150 Kung Fu Master from Italy and Europe
15.000 spectatos
The IWCO-ITALY BRANCH will be present !
We will do IWCO Seminar and Class.
Fof more info contact: Sifu Simone Sebastiani, E.Mail: tel.:+39.329.7325460
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Wong Kar Wai in Moscow
Wong Kar Wai, Grand Master, Ip Man, Yip Man, wing chun
The movie "Grand Master" by Wong Kar Wai comes May 30, 2013.
Wong Kar Wai visiting our school in Moscow
IWCO team performed at the premiere of the film as well.
Photo and video report
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Ving Tsun Athletic Association Third World Conference
Ving Tsun Athletic Association - Third World Conference was held in Foshan, China at 4th November, 2012
International Wing Chun Organization students from various countries (Russia, Italy, Hong Kong ) participated in the conference
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Martial Arts Festival (Video)
November 19, 2011 Martial Arts Festival held in Moscow .
Students of the International Wing Chun Organization take a part at Festival (a group of IWCO instructors Alexander Pavlov-Rusinov).
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Italy "The Oriental Festival"
October 28,29 and 30 2011 - "THE ORIENTAL FESTIVAL", Massa Carrara - Italy
A big celebration the Asian world set up in a forty thousand feet covered square.There will present over 40 federations of martial arts and combat sports that will be on stage with national and international competitions, and internships.
Marathon Martial confirmed the Show, and missed a great show on the main stage where they will stage some of the most prestigious and leading figures of martial arts in the world.
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IWCO students meeting at Ukraine
February 5-6, 2011 in Dneprodzerzhinsk ( Ukraine ) planned meetings / general training for students of the
International Organization of Wing Chun - "IWCO-Ukraine "
IWCO students from Ukraine cities: Poltava, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya planned visit to Dneprodzerzhinsk. Students and instructors meet for to exchange experience in technics, friendly fight and Chi Sao The next meeting is planned in Donetsk (Ukraine)
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IWCO trip to China, Hong Kong and Makao
We organized a trip for IWCO students to China, Hong Kong and Makao
During the trip, IWCO students took part at:
- International Yongchun Invitation Tournament 2010
- Donald Mak SiFu Seminar ( IWCO President )
- Dinner with Si Kung Chou Dze Chuen ( IWCO Honorary President )
- Visited Cliff Au Yeung Sifu Wing Chun school: "Ving Tsun Martial Arts Institute" ( Wong Shun Leung lineage )
- Visited Tam Woon Biu Sifu school at Foshan, China ( Leung Jan-Chan Wan Shun lineage)
- Travel to the South China
- Travel to Macau
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