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Respectid SiFu Donald Mak

Respectid SiFu, Donald Mak, International Wing Chun Organization

Respectid SiFu Donald Makis not a full time professional teacher. He practices and preaches Wing Chun Kung Fu out of his hobby turned passion and belief in Chinese Kung Fu,
more specifically in the Wing Chun Style.

Sifu Mak's birth year is 1961. He started practising Wing Chun in 1979 and was lucky enough to have become a descendent of Master Chow Tse Chuen ( 鄒子傳 ). Master Chow
was one of the few direct close students of Grand Master Yip Man, but himself a low profile master.

From 1987, Sifu Mak started to act as an Instructor in Master Chow's Kung Fu school, to help coaching and practicing with Kung Fu siblings in the school.

Respectid SiFu, Donald Mak, International Wing Chun Organization

In 1993, with his master's encouragement and blessing, he started his own Wing Chun school under the name of ‘Hong Kong Wing Chun Institute'. ( )

The school was renamed later.
The school's name is International Wing Chun Organization now.

The passion of Sifu Mak in Wing Chun has also led him onto a more academic path of researching on the Wing Chun Style, regarding its theories and history.
This necessitates his frequent visit into China to look up and discuss with old masters who are still alive and practising the different lineages and branches of the style.
This exercise has brought him much less known knowledge of Wing Chun, both technically and historically, as well as many experienced Wing Chun practitioners in China as
friends and teachers.

Apart from being reasonably trained and skilled in the Wing Chun subject, Sifu Mak speaks good English and communicates well. Because of this, he is in a capacity to teach
foreign students in the west. Since 1998, he has made effort to squeeze out 2-4 weeks each year as holiday from his work to leave Hong Kong to do teaching and seminars
for Western students in most part of the world. So far, he has been invited to teach in Singapore , UK , Russia , France , Italy, Romania and Sweden , and for some of these places,
more than a couple of times.

Respectid SiFu, Donald Mak, International Wing Chun Organization

Sifu Mak currently holds the following official titles:

1. Chairman and Founder of International Wing Chun Organization
2. Chinese Wushu Association, 7th Duan of Chinese Wushu Duan Wei
3. Chartered Institute of Envirnomental Health (CIEH), U.K., Professional Trainer
4. Hong Kong Muay thai Association, Recognized Referee and Judge
5. Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association Limied, Permanent member
6. Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), Recognized Instructor
7. World Organization of Wu Shu Kung-fu Masters, Eight level Master
8. Master Chow Tze Chuen of Wing Chun Chuen Kwoon, Recognized Sifu
9. Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), Permanent Member
10. Wing Chuen Alumni Association, Permanent Honourable President
11. Kong Chi Keung Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association, Permanent Honourable President

Sifu Mak holds an MBA Degree from USA (1989) and is currently running his own business.

Respectid SiFu, Donald Mak, International Wing Chun Organization