IWCO Sweden seminar
IWCO seminar was held in Stockholm, Sweden 6 – 7 April 2013
The seminar was conducted by President of IWCO SiFu Donald Mak
Topic : Wing Chun Chi Sao & Siu Nim Tau – Exercises & Concepts
The topic is to analyse the key concepts & practice of Wing Chun Chi Sao (literally means sticky hand, a routine, fixed method training exercise to develop the sensitivity of the arms’ sensitivity and sense of force balance and direction) and the first empty hand form of Wing Chum, Siu Nim Tau. It cover:
1. Why Chi Sao is the bridge between the empty hand forms and real life fighting?
2. Purpose of Chi Sao;
3. Key points to be noted during Chi Sao;
4. Chi Sao’s association with the triangulation structure and techniques learnt from Siu Nim Tau

Sweden, wing chun, seminar, Donald Mak

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