Wing Chun a documentary with Donald Mak by Empty Mind Films

Clip from Wing Chun a documentary. This is part of an interview with sifu Donald Mak at his school ( International Wing Chun Organization ) in Hong Kong.
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Wing Chun has seen explosive growth, fueled by a blockbuster movie and a legion of new followers who regard it as the most effective fighting art there is. "We have seen heat waves before and not just because of Bruce Lee" says Ip Ching, son of Grandmaster Ip Man.
Experience Wing Chun in its most authentic setting as we take you on a guided tour of many of Hong Kong's top schools. Although there is only one Wing Chun it has evolved into many styles... from Ip Man Wing Chun to those that continue to develop the martial art as it spreads worldwide.
"Even Ip Man modified his kungfu from his practice so we cannot stick to the word genuine anymore" says master Sam Lau, a direct student of Ip Man.
Sifu Keung says simply "No matter which branch no one can say their Wing Chun is 100 percent perfect as each have their own way of practicing and if theirs is useless it will disappear."

Watch, listen and learn as teachers and students share their knowledge and experience of the principles, training and practical fighting aspects of Wing Chun. Now widely accepted as one of the most efficient and practical martial arts for both men and women in the world.

Finally a documentary that cuts through all the hype, the myths and the politics to explore Wing Chun in the authentic setting of Hong Kong and ask "is this the most effective martial art in the world?"

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