Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr speaks about Wing Chun
The whole world applauds enthusiastically all the films with the participation of the Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr: «Iron man» and «Iron man 2», «Sherlock Holmes» and «Sherlock Holmes: the Game of shadows».
And just the other day his new blockbuster «the Avengers» is going to be released.
But, surprisingly, besides his career, there is another interesting thing in his life.
“As one may say, Wing Chun became my religion in 2003 when I quitted drugs” says the actor, “And I`m training hard and my dream is to get the black belt. You see, wing chun teaches to get focused on the main things and to throw unimportant ones aside. It teaches self-discipline, allows to restore physical and emotional balance.
First it happens in the sports hall and than, later on, in life. And I seem to be quite good at it! Of course, it`s rather difficult to apply a new hold at once correctly and perfectly, but I'm not afraid of looking like an idiot!
It`s a simple life principle: a shy fish never gets high or the less he is shy the more he attains.
And if you got interested in what i`ve just told you about wing chun and you want to start going in for wing chun, just take my advice: take lots of pain killers and ice with you to the sports hall!!! I promise, you gonna need it!!! Especially at first!!”

The full exclusive interview with Robert Downey Jr. is published in the new issue of the magazine «Seven Days».

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