World Wing Chun Cup
It is held a record of applications of clubs for competitions “World Wing Chun Cup 2015”.
“World Wing Chun Cup 2015” will take place in the frames of the VIII Martial Arts Olympic “East – West”.
The competitions will be held by International Wing Chun Organization, World Wing Chun Union, European Wing Chun Federation, Russian Wing Chun Federation, with support of the and the International Martial Arts Confederation ( IMAC ).
The date of holding of the competitions: 24.04.2015 – 26.04.2015.
The venue for the competitions: St. Petersburg, “Saint-Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex”
The beginning of the competitions: 24.04.15, at 9 a.m.

The General Items of the Competitions

1. Disciplines/divisions of the competitions:

The Competitions European Wing Chun Cup 2014 is divided into five disciplines:
- Kuen Tao ( 拳套 )
- Dui Chak ( 對拆 )
- Guo Sao ( 過手 )
- Chuen Tong Chi Sao ( 傳統黐手 )
- Dui Kong Choi ( 對抗) - Free fight

1.1. Kuen Tao ( 拳套 )
Demonstration Wing Chun forms (siu lim tao, cham kiu, biu jee, long pole).
Kuen Tao is judged and scored depending on the quality of its performance (power, balance, technique )

1.2. Dui Chak ( 對拆 )
A pair performance.
It is demonstrated a pre-set pair fight.
In the frames of Dui Chak, it is allowed a demonstration of various win chun technique.
It is judged and scored: the quality of performance of the technique, the comprehension of the technique and the force application.

1.3. Guo Sao ( 過手 )
Guo Sao - begins with hand contact. Kicks and knees are prohibited (except sweeps. Sweeps allowed ).
Guo Sao is performed in protective gear: a helmet with protective mask, gloves, elbow-pads, groin pads.

1.4. Chuen Tong Chi Sao ( 傳統黐手 )
Chuen Tong Chi Sao ( 傳統黐手 ) – free Chi Sao on the platform without protective gear.
Platform size: 1,6 x 1,6 m.
Punches to the head are prohibited. (Except technics Fak Sao and Jam Sao to the neck) Kicks and knees are prohibited (except sweeps. Sweeps allowed ).

1.5. Dui Kong Choi ( 對抗) - Free Fight.
A free fight is performed in a protective gear: a helmet with protective mask, gloves, knee-pads, elbow-pads, shin-pads and groin-pads.

2. Participation in the Competitions.
The members of the national Federations of Wing Chun or national branch of World Wing Chun Union, who take part in the competitions, represent their country.
In the event that there is no any federation or a national wing chun union in the country, national clubs of wing chun (of these countries) apply for the organizing committee of the competitions.

3. Registration of the Competitors.
It is necessary to fill in the registration form to take part in the competitions (necessary to fill 2 forms – Team and individual )
A filled registration form should be applied not later than 15.03.2015.
A registration fee and a hotel payment should be made not later than 23.03.2015.
( Competitors can put up at any hotel by themselves. The organizers of the Competitions give a chance of putting up at the hotel “Russia” – the hotel near the sports complex ).
Not only competitors but also spectators are enrolled in the registration form.
Competitors have to mark columns according to disciplines they are going to take part, also they have to mark their weight.

One should take into consideration that it is rather difficult to simultaneously take part in Chi Sao and Free Fight.
If a competitor does not need an accommodation he does not pay for it and he does a dash in the registration form.
Moreover all competitors have to fill in and sign the competition agreement form. The form included: Safety declaration.doc
Every competitor must have a health certificate, confirming his state of health and ability to take part in the competitions.
For competitors under 18 years old it is necessary that they should have their parent`s consent in writing and if parents do let go their son or their daughter to the competitions alone, he or she must have his or her parent`s power of attorney.
The Organizing Committee of the Competitions has the right to reduce the number of competitors in case of considerable excess of applications for the competition.
Send us your registration forms and the competition agreement forms and your comments and suggestions to and a copy to
If any questions arise call on +7 903 722 77 57

4. Documents:

4.1. Rules:

4.1.1. Rules Guo Sao
4.1.2. Rules Freefight
4.1.3. Rules Duichak
4.1.4. Rules Kuentao
4.1.5. Rules Chi Sao

4.2. Application forms and additions:

4.2.1. General Information
4.2.2. Individual Application Form
4.2.3. Team Application Form
4.2.4. Safety Declaration

* The Olympic Competitions of Martial Arts “East – West” is the greatest event in the world of martial arts. In the Olympics of Martial Arts of 2015, more than 9 200 competitors took part from 55 countries of the World, which represented more than 40 martial arts.

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