New IWCO school in China.

We are pleased to announce that IWCO has opened its first official school in China operated by our Head Principal, Grandmaster Donald Mak in October 2014. It is located in Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province.
Xuzhou is not ab big city like Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou but it is a historical city rich in cultural heritage of Han Dynasty.
Visiting Xuzhou is pretty easy, you can fly to Beijing or Shanghai then connect with an express train to Xuzhou which takes about 3 hours.
Training in such cultural city at such traditional school, it certainly can give you another dimension of experience.
You are welcome to visit our IWCO Xuzhou School.

Address : G/F, Block No. 3, Huai Hai Wen Bo Yuan, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China PRC
Email :

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