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European Wing Chun Cup 2013 - VIDEO

"European Wing Chun Cup 2013" took place at the 7th Martial Arts Olympics “East – West” April 11–14 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia
Over 200 athletes from 10 countries competed within 3 days on three platforms
The organizers of the "European Wing Chun Cup 2013": European Wing Chun Federation, World Wing Chun Union, International Wing Chun Organization, Russian Wing Chun Federation and the International Confederation of Martial Arts.
The International Wing Chun Organization to congratulate all winners and participants.

Martial Arts Olympics "East-West" - the biggest event of martial arts in the world.
More than 10,000 athletes from more than 50 countries representing 35 martial arts in the Olympics.
Wing Chun was included in the Martial Arts Olympic this year
"European Cup Wing Chun 2013" was held as part of the Martial Arts Olympics

The competition categories were:
- Taolu ( 套路 ),
- Duelyan ( 對練 ),
- Chi Sao ( 黐手 ).
- Free Fight ( 對抗 ).


Taolu, 套路

Siu Lim Tao (female category)

1st place: Zilina Olga (Russia)
2nd Place: Julia Gorb (Ukraine)
3rd place: Elena Ponomarev (Russia)

Chum Kiu (female category)

1st place: Smelkov Tatyana
2nd place: Voropaeva Anastasia

Siu Lim Tao (children's category)

1st place: Gilula Ray (Israel)
2nd place: Ilya Levitsky (Russia, Moscow)
3rd place: Kuzma Morozov (Russia, Moscow)

Chum Kiu (children's category)

1st place Gilula Ray

Siu Lim Tao ( male category)

1st place: Kulemin Eugene
2nd Place: Michael Bondarev
3rd place: Frolov Philip

Chum Kiu (male category)

1st place: Ivan Fomin (Russia)
2nd place: Svirsky Roman (Israel)
3rd place: Mirkitanov Paul (Ukraine)

Siu Lim Tao (male category, age group: over 40 years)

1st place: Leonid Smirnov (Russia)
2nd place: Vladimir Repin (Russia)
3rd place: Sergey Demenchuk (Kazakhstan)

Chum Kiu (male category, age group: over 40 years)

1st place: Oreshkin Gennady
2nd place: Leonid Smirnov
3rd place: Andrew Telyakov

Duelyan, 对 练

Duelyan (instructor's category)

1st place: Alexander Pavlov-Rusyns - Shevchenko Dmitry
2nd place: Leonid Smirnov - Tonkontsov Roman
3rd place: Sweden Michael - Dounaev Stanislav

Duelyan (female category)

1st place: Voropaeva Anastasia
Smelko Tatiana

Duelyan (male category)

1st place: Kulemin Eugene
Leonov Roman
Kytin Constantine
2nd place: Kryvau Alexander
Didik Nicholas
3rd place: Ivan Fomin
Vladislav Gorodetsky

Chi Sao, 黐 手

Chi Sao male category up to 65 kg

1st place: Paul Blagodatsky
2nd Place: Daniel Shulika
3rd place: Yip Wing Leung (Hong Kong)

Chi Sao male category 66-72 kg

1st place: Ilya Zaytsev
2nd place: Bortnikov Michael
3rd place: Khuzhin Marat

Chi Sao male category 81-85 kg

1st place: Bezborod'ko Ilya
2nd place: Kisielius Vytautas
3rd place: Tadas Auglis (Lithuania)

Chi Sao male category 74-80 kg

1st place: Abdazov Elbek
2nd place: Shepetkov Vladimir
3rd place: Nikiforov Ruslan
Chi Sao male category 85 +

1st place: Lavrin Alexander (Russia)
2nd place: Mirkitanov Paul (Ukraine)
3rd place: Manik Ilya (Russia)

Free Fight, 对抗

Free Fight, children's category 20-25 kg

1st place: Scuba Vadim
2nd place: Bessedin Roman
3rd place: Daniel Semenov

Free Fight, children's category 25-30 kg

1st place: Artyom Sorokin
2nd place: Myakonkov Maxim
3rd place: Drobnitsa Oleg

Free Fight, children's category 30-40 kg

1st place: Drobnitsa Vyacheslav
2nd place: Igor Suvorov
3rd place: Skachedubov Cyril

Free Fight, children's category over "40 +" kg

1st place: Morozov Kuzma
2nd place: Ilya Levitsky
3rd place: Dudin Zahar

Free Fight, male category

Free Fight, male category up to 65 kg

1st place: Gregory Norcia (Russia)
2nd place: Swirsky Roman (Israel)
3rd place: Yip Wing Leung (Hong Kong)

Free Fight, male category 65-70 kg

1st place: Sergey Kemeny
2nd place: Ponomarenko Arseny
3rd place: Mukhtar Jaroslav

Free Fight, male category category 70-76 kg

1st place: Tonkontsov Roman
2nd place: Osokin Dmitry
3rd place: Vladimir Solodovnikov

Free Fight, male category 76-83 kg

1st place: Grechin Artem
2nd Place: Alex Ivochkin
3rd place: Marchenko Dmitry

Free Fight, male category "85 +"

1st place: Cheremskoy Leonid
2nd place: Alyautdinov Marat

Free Fight, Children's category, 45-50kg category

1st place: Gilula Ray (Israel)
2nd place: Ilya Chumakov

Free Fight, female category

1st place: Zilina Olga
2nd place: Olga Titova
3rd place: Nedorostkova Olga

Medal "For merits in the martial arts" were awarded:

1 Donald Mak
2 Beloshchin Anatoly
3 Konstantin Sakharov
4 Hartmut Wesenberg
5 Dinaev Osman
6 Telyakov Andrew

European Wing Chun Cup, Martial, Arts Olympics, Word Wing Chun Union

The International Wing Chun Organization - IWCO expresses deep gratitude to JSC "LENNOX" and personally General Director Hartmut Wesenberg for their sponsorship

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