Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012
"Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012” were held in Zaporozhye ( Ukraine ) June 18.
"Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012" was organized by the International Wing Chun Organization ( IWCO ) and Ukraine Wing Chun Federation
IWCO-Ukraine schools from cities: Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Zhytomyr, White Church, Simferopol took part in competitions.
"Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012" included competitions in three disciplines:
- Taolu, 套路
- Chi Sao, 黐手
- Free Fight, 對抗

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IWCO congratulates all participants and winners of the "Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012" , and expressed personal thanks to Mikhail Boyko and Artem Dashutin for their help in organizing the event.

Results of
Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012:

1. Taolu, 套路

Men's nomination:

Gold: Sergei Zayvy
Silver: Ruslan Shamardin
Bronze: Nazarenko Bogdan

Women's nomination:

Gold: Zaslavskaya Lily
Silver: Babko Marina

2. Chi Sao, 黐手

Men's nomination, 65-74 kg.:

Gold: Nikolai Anosov
Silver: Daniel Shulika
Bronze: Anton Sukhodoev

Men's nomination, 75-84 kg.:

Gold: Dolgopolov Constantine
Silver: Pavel Osipov
Bronze: Sergei Kalmazan

Men's nomination, more than 85 kg.:

Gold: Pavel Mirkitanov
Silver: Andrew Papchenko
Bronze: Kaunenko Gregory

3. Free Fight, 對抗

Men's nomination, 60-68 kg.:

Gold: Peter Zhelev
Silver: Eugene Shokarev
Bronze: Roman Lapatin

Men's nomination, 69-77 kg.:

Gold: Roman Ryaboshenko
Silver: Jaroslav Mukhtarov
Bronze: Sergei Berestovoy

Men's nomination, 78-86 kg.:

Gold: Bogdan Nazarenko
Silver: Ruslan Nastych
Bronze: Sergey Kononenko

Men's nomination, more than 87 kg.:

Gold: Yuri Odintsov
Silver: Mikhail Tsymbal
Bronze: Alexander Lihtner

Video report about the competition as well as, TV coverage will be soon.

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