Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012
Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012, international Wing Chun Organization, Wing Chun

" Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012” were held in St. Petersburg 28.04-01.05.2012.
" Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012" was organized by the Russian Wing Chun Federation and International Wing Chun Organization ( IWCO ) with the support of the World Wing Chun Union and Russian Wushu Federation
Dozens of wing chun schools from different cities of Russia took part in the competitions.

"Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012" included competitions in five disciplines:

- Taolu, 套路
- Duelyan, 對練
- Ying Yung, 應用
- Chi Sao, 黐手
- Free Fight, 對抗

22 sets of awards were in competition
IWCO congratulates all participants and winners of the " Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012" , and expressed personal thanks to Dinaev Osman for his help in organizing the event.

Results of
Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012:

1. Taolu, 套路

Men's nomination:

Gold: Artem Grechin
Silver: Andrey Telyakov
Bronze: Alexey Tugolukov

Women's nomination:

Gold: Svetlana Klimenko
Silver: Olga Zilina
Bronze: Anastasia Aleksandrova

2. Duelyan, 對練

Men's nomination:

Gold: Ivan Tugolukov - Alex Tugolukov
Silver: Leonid Smirnov - Roman Tonkontsov
Bronze: Eduard Olnov - Alexey Alexeev

Women's nomination:

Gold: Sinitsina Marina - Elena Khomenko
Silver: Anastasia Voropayev - Tatiana Kurakina

3. Ying Yung, 應用

Gold: Vytautas Kiselyus
Silver: Ivan Tugolukov
Bronze: Gregory Nortsev

4. Chi Sao, 黐手

Women's nomination:

Gold: Olga Zilina
Silver: Olga Titova
Bronze: Voropayev Anastasia

Men's nomination, 55-64 kg.:

Gold: Denis Osipov
Silver: Maxim Yaremchuk
Bronze: Vladimir Razdrogin

Men's nomination, 65-74 kg.:

Gold: Sergei Kamenev
Silver: Alexey Tugolukov
Bronze: Artem Gatin

Men's nomination, 75-79 kg.:

Gold: Vytautas Kiselyus
Silver: Vladimir Volkmann
Bronze: Dmitry Kuznetsov

Men's nomination, 80-89 kg.:

Gold: Ilya Bezborodko
Silver: Dmitry Marchenko
Bronze: Anton Popov

Men's nomination, more than 90 kg.:

Gold: Marat Alyautdinov
Silver: Alexander Vassiliev
Bronze: Roman Klenin

5. Free Fight, 對抗


5-8 years old, weight class: 20-25 kg.

Gold: Maxim Myakonkov
Silver: Nikolay Ivanchenko
Bronze: Vitaly Scherbin

5-8 years, weight class: 25-30 kg.
Gold: Oleg Drobnitsa
Silver: Ivan Borisov
Bronze: David Mardiyani

5-8 years old, weight class: 30-35 kg.

Gold: Karim Zneybat
Silver: Igor Suvorov
Bronze: Ksenia Skachedubova

9-11 years old , weight class: 30-35 kg.

Gold: Ilya Levitsky
Silver: Kiril Skachedubov
Bronze: Vyacheslav Drobnitsa

9-11 years old , weight class: 35-40 kg.

Gold: Kuzma Morozov
Silver: Ilya Chumakov
Bronze: Eduadr Agamalian

Women's nomination:

Gold: Olga Titova
Silver: Olga Zilina
Three. Anastasia Aleksandrova

Men's nomination, 60-64 kg.:

Gold: Gregory Nortsev
Silver: Denis Osipov
Bronze: Alexander Titov

Men's nomination, 65-69 kg.:

Gold: Sergey Kemenev
Silver: Alexander Zaikin
Bronze: Alexander Sapunov

Men's nomination, 70-74 kg.:

Gold: Roman Tonkontsev
Silver: Alexey Gatin
Bronze: Maxim Mogil

Men's nomination, 75-80 kg.:

Gold: Artem Grechyn
Silver: Vytautas Kiselyus
Bronze: Nikolay Karteviy

Men's nomination, more than 80 kg.:

Gold: Artem Dashutin
Silver: Dmitry Marchenko
Bronze: Pavel Soloviev

Photos from the Cup of Russia by Chun posted below

Video report about the competition as well as, TV coverage will be soon.

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