The 1st International Traditional Wushu Championships 2013
“The 1st International Traditional Wushu Championships 2013” is organized by Hong Kong Wushu Union and subvented by Home Affairs Bureau and Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong Government. Hong Kong Wushu Union was founded in 1987 who is a member of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), Wushu Federation of Asia (WFA) and Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC).
Adrian and Sarfield represent IWCO to take part the Chum Kiu Taolu competition on the 17th May event. They have been awarded the highest score among their team and won the Gold medal.

The event is held between 17 -19 May 2013 at Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong. Over 1,500 athletes have joined event representing different martial arts styles namely, Hung Gar, Xing Yi, Wing Chun, Shaolinquan, Choy Lee Fut, Taijiquan (Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style, Sun Style, Baguazhang, Piguaquan, Fanziquan, Jianshu (Sword Techniques), Daoshu, Qiangshu, Gunshu, Dadao, Bian, San Jie Gun. Competition events consists Individual, Dual, Group and Push hands.

IWCO congratulated Adrian and Sarfield on winning the competition!

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