Moscow Wing Chun competitions
Moscow Wing Chun competitions for IWCO -Moscow schol's held in 13 October 2012
Congratulations to the winners and all participants
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Israel's Sanda Championship
Israel's Sanda Championship held in Israel in July 2012
IWCO-Israel students: Svirsky Roman and Nikolai Pushkov won in this championship 2 silver medals
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Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012
"Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012” were held in Zaporozhye ( Ukraine ) June 18.
"Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012" was organized by the International Wing Chun Organization ( IWCO ) and Ukraine Wing Chun Federation
IWCO-Ukraine schools from cities: Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Zhytomyr, White Church, Simferopol took part in competitions.
"Ukraine Wing Chun Cup 2012" included competitions in three disciplines:
- Taolu, 套路
- Chi Sao, 黐手
- Free Fight, 對抗
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Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012
Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012, international Wing Chun Organization, Wing Chun

" Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012” were held in St. Petersburg 28.04-01.05.2012.
" Russian Wing Chun Cup 2012" was organized by the Russian Wing Chun Federation and International Wing Chun Organization ( IWCO ) with the support of the World Wing Chun Union and Russian Wushu Federation
Dozens of wing chun schools from different cities of Russia took part in the competitions.
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Israel's Traditional Wushu Championships
Israel's Traditional Wushu Championships held in Israel in April 2012
IWCO-Israel students won in this championship :
- 1 gold medal ( duelyan );
- 2 silver medals ( duelyan and taolu );
- 1 bronze medal ( taolu ).
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International Wing Chun competition "Ip Man Cup 2012"
Has completed an international competition "Ip Man Cup 2012". ( China, Foshan )
15 IWCO students participated in these competitions
Congratulations to the participants and winners of the competition with high results obtained at competitions in the categories Freefight, Chi Sao and Taolu (Technique):
- 7 gold medals
- 5 silver
- 1 bronze
Grand Master Chow Tze Chuen congratulated prize-winners yesterday.
Special thanks for the IWCO students who came to China to support the competitors.
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European Traditional Wushu Championships
"1-st European Traditional Wushu Championships" held in Tallinn (Estonia) from 8 to 18 April 2011
Team of the International Wing Chun Organization - IWCO took part in this Championship.
Congratulations to our athletes: Alexandr Pavlov-Rusinov and Dmitry Shevchenko with the Gold medals in Duilian (among the styles of traditional wushu) and silver and bronze medal in section Taolu
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International Wing Chun Organization competition
International Wing Chun Ooranization Competition are planned at May in St. Petersburg (Russia)
Competition Items:
- Wing Chun - IWCO Taolu Competion
- Wing Chun - IWCO Chi Sao Competition
- Wing Chun - IWCO Championship Contest
We also planned to conduct master classes for participants and guests of the competition
It is first IWCO competition. We are planned to organize the following International IWCO Competitions with inviting all of our schools.
Follow the news on the site.
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